A Few Words about Moondog

I recently found completely by accident (or perhaps not given causality’s strange ways) the music of Moondog.  A very talented individual, his life’s story is the stuff of a viking saga and I understand there is a documentary in the works about his life and music entitled The Viking of 6th Avenue.  Trailer

My musical tastes are quite eclectic, all over the map, but I often seek out unique, non-conformist voices in art, and Moondog is definitely one of those.

Highly recommended for absent minded philosophers, hedge wizards, and fellow pilgrims on the road to find out.

So grab that second cup of coffee and dance like an elf!

2 thoughts on “A Few Words about Moondog

  1. V, fabulous pub you have here – thanks for make your musings manifest – a toast to the different drummer!


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