Acausal Fridays

Fridays are always a busy day for me. Real world duties and obligations plus a plethora of errands and chores to overcome before the commencement of the weekend keep this absent minded philosopher rather occupied to say the least. I like to fuel most of my days with music, but especially Fridays. I’m an active listener and over the years my wee brain has kept track of recurring themes in the music I’ve experienced, especially lyrical content. Given that background, I give you Acausal Fridays! A simple post where I will link music and lyrical themes I’ve encountered on my journeys through space and time that due to my own strange loops seem to complement each other.

So this week in celebration of a tree planting, The First Circle grand opening, and mad hatters everywhere, I give you the following hand picked trinity. You might say this week’s theme is about breaking cycles, new beginnings, and retaining identity in a sea change.

Firefall: Run, Run Away

Five For Fighting: NYC Weather Report

Fiona Apple: Every Single Night

4 thoughts on “Acausal Fridays

  1. Rhythm of The Saints was an important album for me, much like Sting’s Soul Cages. During high school I was a constant nervous wreck and on top of that my brain wouldn’t slow down, I couldn’t stop thinking and suffered many bouts of insomnia. I realized that all the strange brains I was attracted to backwards through time kept journals, and dream logs and began to understand that I needed to order the chaos in my mind by ‘observing’ it and logging it. I usually had Rhythm of the Saints on during my newly found nightly ritual, and Spirit Voices became my own personal lullaby. That song always broke through the perpetual hum of ideas flowing nonstop and allowed me enough peace to drown out the noise and get some sleep.


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