Acausal Fridays 02/03/17

This week’s theme is fire!  Prometheus and Swedenborg’s psychic episode aside, fire is one of those big ideas tied to the hip of humanity’s trek through time.  Mastery of fire in the physical, as well as the mental, and even spiritual realms are the stuffs of our collective stories.  The word itself can mean so many things but always carries with it the promise of enlightenment if cared for and destruction if abused.  Fire is the ultimate tool to unlocking human potential.  It tests, burns, and even teases by revealing those shadows on the wall of our cave. Science and religion even come together in fire.  Both seeking salvation in it with certain definitions (fusion, if you will)  while also warning us of our eventual destruction with it from others.  Fire in reality is a flickering affair and in our brains it is no different, a placeholder word for change that when mastered illuminates and when lost control of, consumes.   Right now for this absent minded philosopher, it seems the world is playing with fire again, forgetting past lessons and not respecting the power it wields while being drawn in hypnotically to the dance of flames around the globe. So today some songs illuminating the nature of fire.

First, an ode to Sophia:

Lord Huron She Lit a Fire

Second, a long,short view:

Billy Joel We Didn’t Start the Fire

And let’s see how about a chant for our inner primitive caveman:

Snow Patrol Firelight

Have a great day everyone, and don’t get burned!

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